Mean Girls

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    After Tina Fey asked her fans to decide who should be cast in the upcoming Mean Girls movie, the Soul actress opted for Billie Eilish and Zendaya to possibly have roles in it. She also spoke about her first appearance in a Disney-Pixar movie, and what she'll be getting up to at Christmas.
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    Something fun for this tumultuous time. Thanks to all of you, we reached our goal with @headcountorg to get over 5,000 voter activations! To celebrate that - Tina Fey and I got the whole gang back together for a Mean Girls Reunion! Happy #MeanGirlsDay 😃 PS: It’s exactly 1 month from election day so please please make sure you are registered and have a plan to #vote on November 3rd - it’s so important! We can still keep the momentum going
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    You made 5K voting actions happen! Raising hands As a THANK YOU, Tina Fey released the @meangirls movie cast reunion! Tune in now on @katiecouric 's IGTV to reunite with North Shore’s OGs and find out what other surprises we have planned for #MeanGirlsDay:
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    Be #GoodToVote by #MeanGirlsDay & Tina Fey will release the groolest thing ever: A reunion with the @meangirls movie cast! Here’s the deal, if 5K of you take voting action with @headcountorg by TOMORROW, Oct 3, the reunion will be released! Take action:
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    Tina Fey puts Mariah Carey’s ‘Mean Girls’ knowledge to the test in the latest episode of Billboard's “Quizzed.” It’s so fetch.
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    Tina Fey sits down with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie to remember the making of “Mean Girls” 15 years after her iconic movie’s release. “It’s very, very special to me,” she says, adding that the film’s success was a “great surprise.”

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