Jonathan Groff

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    On December 2, 2019, Ars Nova honored Jeff Richmond (from Ars Nova’s “Melancholy Baby!” to “Mean Girls” & “30 Rock”) and Joe Iconis (from Ars Nova’s “Bloodsong of Love” to “Be More Chill” & “Broadway Bounty Hunter”) and celebrated Ars Nova’s next wave of promising artists at NOVA BALL 2019. In this Tribute to Jeff Richmond, we harken back to Ars Nova's inaugural production in 2002, "Melancholy Baby!" — a musical version of Hamlet written by two guys named Jeff Richmond and Michael Thomas... pretending to be two guys named Heinzplatt and DeSelza. The opening of Act II featured a tribute to Heinzplatt and DeSelza. In this clip, Bob Balaban introduces an excerpt from that show, with full dramaturgical context, and welcomes Tina Fey & Jonathan Groff to the stage to sing "The Courting Song" from Heinzplatt & DeSelza's 1943 Hit "Amish Nights."