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Welcome to the Tina Fey Web Video Archive, an extensive collection of Tina Fey videos. Here you can browse through talk show interviews, film trailers, episode clips, online interviews, red carpet appearances and much more, related to Tina or her projects.

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    Videos of Tina Fey at film premieres, festivals, press conferences and other public events.
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    Videos of Tina's acceptance speeches and appearances at various ceremonies.
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    Trailers, behind the scenes, interviews and more videos from Tina's projects.
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    All the videos that do not fit in any of the other categories.
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    Videos of Tina from documentaries, guest appearances and other projects.
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    Videos from Tina's appearances on talk shows and interviews.
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    Videos from Tina's voice projects such as Megamind, Soul and more.

The video archive currently has 124 videos!

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