Tina Fey Participates in New University of Virginia Campaign
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Tina Fey Participates in New University of Virginia Campaign

The University of Virginia launched a new campaign called Keep ‘The Good Old Song’ Good, created with the intent to urge people to stop changing the lyrics of the song in an offensive way and keep the song positive and inclusive. Tina Fey is one of the alumni that appear in the video. You can watch the video and read more about the campaign below!

A new video campaign by the University of Virginia is urging people to keep the school’s fight song positive and some familiar faces are taking part.

The Good Old Song is sung at sporting events, final exercises, and even some Wahoo weddings. The song has a positive feel and is meant to bring unity to the UVA community, but some people change the lyrics in an offensive way – including the addition of “not” in the line “when all is bright and gay.”

In an attempt to address this, some people began singing “eff Virginia Tech” instead. University officials are not fond of either lyric and created a public service announcement that includes UVA alum Tina Fey, Dean of Students Allen Groves, and University Professor of Politics Larry Sabato.

“The massacring of The Good Old Song is embarrassing for the university,” Sabato said. “It is embarrassing for the people who do it but most of all it is juvenile.”

Athletic Director Carla Williams says the substitutions do not represent UVA because it is a place that “wins and competes with class”. President Jim Ryan appears in the video, saying “The Good Old Song is really good as written.” Tina Fey implores students to simply “stop doing that.”

“Our hope is that people will hold themselves accountable for making UVA people where The Good Old Song is sung inclusive and happy,” Groves said.

UVA hopes its PSA, which will be played at the first home football game on Friday.


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