Tina Fey makes a cameo on ‘Free Guy’
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Tina Fey makes a cameo on ‘Free Guy’

A bit of surprising news! It was revealed by the USA Today that Tina Fey has a cameo on Ryan Reynolds’ latest film, Free Guy. Unfortunately, the cameo is simply a voice cameo and Tina plays a character named Vacuuming Mom. We don’t know much beyond that, but her character has already been added to the movie’s IMDB page. We have added everything we know so far on this info page right here.

The Rock, Hugh Jackman and friends join in on the fun

Many of Reynolds’ fellow A-list friends have roles to play in “Free Guy.” Channing Tatum steps up as Revenjamin Buttons, a dance-happy avatar with moves like the “Shaky Man” and “Thanos’ Glove,” while others have small voice-only parts: Dwayne Johnson plays a masked bank robber, Tina Fey is a vacuuming mom, John Krasinski is a silhouetted gamer, and Reynolds’ old pal Hugh Jackman is a masked mystery man in an alley quickly disposed of by Molotov Girl.


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