Tina Fey attends the “Women Work F—king Hard” Networking Event
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Tina Fey attends the “Women Work F—king Hard” Networking Event

On Tuesday night (February 11), Tina Fey attended the “Women Work F—king Hard” Networking Event in NYC! While the event didn’t allow any photos to be taken, InStyle covered the event and set up a portrait studio with SNL photographer Rosalind O’Connor. You can see Tina’s portrait in the gallery and read an article about the event below!

Of course, with Shookus as co-host, there were a few past and present SNL stars who enjoyed mingling with the other guests. Current cast member Ego Nwodim was on hand, as was Tina Fey. “I don’t know of another scenario where I would get to meet these women,” Fey said. “You’re introduced to people who you want to be connected to — you want to be hiring them, you want to be supporting their businesses. It’s a faster way to get to know them.” It’s the type of event that Fey wishes had existed in the early days of her career. “We certainly didn’t have any of this formal networking back then,” she said. “But all the women that I came up with definitely stuck together and would always try to throw the rope down lower. I think Lindsay and Kristin are just doing that at a more professional and purposeful level.”

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