Inside Amy Schumer

Character: Herself
Created by: Daniel Powell, Amy Schumer
Directed by: Ryan McFaul, Nicole Holofcener
Written by: Hallie Cantor, Kim Caramele
Episodes: 3x01
Original airdate: January 11, 2016
Episode title: Last F**kable Day
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 22min

Inside Amy Schumer’s third season premiere featured yet another spot-on sketch, this time take taking aim at Hollywood’s misogynistic ideas about women aging. When Schumer stumbles upon Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Patricia Arquette, she joins them to celebrate Louis-Drefyus’ “Last F–kable Day” – the day when Hollywood tells an actress her “vagina is going to turn into a hermit crab.”

Cast & Characters

Amy Schumer (Amy / Various), Patricia Arquette (Patricia Arquette), Josh Charles (Coach), Tina Fey (Tina Fey), Jemima Kirke (Jemima Kirke), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), Method Man (Method Man), Amber Rose (Amber Rose), Amber Tamblyn (Amber Tamblyn)

Last F**kable Day – Uncensored