Difficult People

Character: Herself
Created by: Julie Klausner
Directed by: Jeffrey Walker
Episodes: 2x01
Original airdate: July 12, 2016
Episode title: Unplugged
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 24min

Life is really tough for Julie and Billy, two 30-something aspiring comics living and working in New York City. While their friends and acquaintances move on to find success and love, they continue to struggle with careers and relationships, getting more bitter by the day.

Julie works to impress Jewish TV writers as Billy strives to be his rich boyfriend’s kept man; meanwhile, Marilyn makes a video will.

Cast & Characters

Julie Klausner (Julie Kessler), Billy Eichner (Billy Epstein), James Urbaniak (Arthur Tack), Andrea Martin (Marilyn Kessler), Tina Fey (Herself), John Mulaney (Cecil Jellford), Sandra Bernhard (Lilith Feigenbaum)

Production Photos