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“Modern Love” Screen Captures

Modern Love” was released on Amazon’s Prime Video this past Friday (October 18). Tina delivers a great performance and the episode is amazing! If you haven’t watched it yet, please do it. Screen captures of Tina’s episode have been added to the photo gallery!

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Amazon Releases ‘Modern Love’ Official Trailer

Amazon released the trailer for ‘Modern Love‘ today! We can see a little bit more of Tina’s character. Don’t forget that the show will begin streaming on Amazon’s Prime Video on October 18. Our gallery has been updated with screen captures from the trailer and a new poster. Watch the full trailer below!

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Tina Fey Teases ‘Modern Love’ Character

TV Insider has published a new article today, in which they featured some quotes from the actors of ‘Modern Love‘, including Tina Fey. Read what she had to say about her character Sarah below.

The 30 Rock vet stars as one half of a couple truly struggling in their marriage. “We’ve been going to therapy, but it’s not really clicking, so our therapist advises us to find a common hobby,” Fey says. “We start to play tennis.” One “superfun” bonus for the actress: To help get into the, uh, swing of things, she and costar John Slattery took lessons together!

Our gallery has been updated with a new production still from Tina’s episode. Make sure to check it out below!

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Amazon releases Teaser Trailer for ‘Modern Love’

Amazon has finally released a teaser trailer for ‘Modern Love‘. Tina Fey stars in one episode alongside John Slattery. Along with the teaser, they have also announced a release date: October 18. Watch the video below and check out screen captures in the gallery!